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Carbon Neutral

only you, but also our environment could relax, our house and also your apartment, is created carbon neutral.
Environmental protection, without losing any comfort.
We heat with
geothermal and the power for the heat pump and the
electricity for the house and also the apartment is gained with our photovoltaic system.
Should our photovoltaic system not generate enough power we purchase electricity by a power company, whose share of electricity generation is 100% from hydropower.
Our house has a
full thermal insulation and a special roof insulation, therefore, we use not only climate-neutral energy, but have been trying to save energy in the run.With our underfloor-heating we moved twice the amount of heating ducts, which gives not only an equable thermal imaging
, and this is thrombosis friendly. because it can be operadted by low temperatures, which in turn leads to an energy saving effect.
Your apartment is
equipped mostly with "light dimmers", which not only leads to a homely atmosphere, but at the same time, it`s saving energy.
That we
separated waste and organic waste, which is composted in our garden, goes without